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Readers' jives

Rockin' looks

Gigging Hampshire/Surrey-based band has a vacancy for a permanent rockabilly drummer (cocktail set an asset), and also a dep lead guitarist.

Rockin' looks and 100% commitment required.

Contact Larry on 07826 164040 / 023 92 523860 / (January 2017)

Jump jive and Wales

Wanted 50s rock'n'roll/rockabilly singer to front South Wales band.   Must have own PA and be 100% committed.   Contact or 01495 756243 (October 2016)

In the pink

Nina Pink Female drummer with 15 years experience.

Full backing vocals.   Great timekeeping (on and off stage).

Gretsch drum kit and own transport.

Looking for dep work or permanent position.   Located in Kent.  

Please contact Nina Pink at

(December 2015)

Lead guitarist wanted

Slough-based busy dance band looking for a lead guitarist.   Mostly playing classic numbers, we are looking for someone who can commit, as we have numerous gigs lined up.   If interested please call Sandy on 07896 050744.   (December 2015)

Drummer wanted

Drummer wanted in Huddersfield area for regular gigs.   Must be able to swing on drums.   Contact Rob on 07549 342048 or

Front man wanted

Wigan-based 50s r'n'r band Rattled are looking for a lead singer.   We do stuff from Elvis, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran etc.   Please call Steve on 07759 496882.   (December 2015)

Rockin' Johnny

I am in Huddersfield and I play rhythm and some lead guitar.   I have written a load of songs too which I want to introduce to the band and go maybe further then just a covers band.   I play mainly 50s style rock'n'roll but I like the early 60s stuff too... The Byrds, Beatles etc.   I also play Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, The Shadows, Billy Fury, Big Bopper, Eddie Cochran, Ventures, Elvis, Chuck, Tommy Steeld, Everly Brothers.   I also like some 70s and beyond but limited.   I can do vocals as well but dont have a PA yet.   I haven't played in a band for years and want to get back on the scene again.   I am 57.   I have 100 watt Peavey amp, Epiphone Casino and Gretsch guitars, also Shure SM58, 50s retro Mic etc etc.   I don't have transport either at the moment but if you have you can help me out am here and ready to rock.   Rockin' Johnny Aitken.   01484 650269   (Just Google me to hear my stuff.)       (December 2015)

Double bass lessons wanted

I am looking for rockabilly double bass lessons in the Slough, Berks area.   I have had a few lessons so I'm not a complete beginner.   Pete 01628 664356.   (December 2015)

Elvis band seeks pianist

We are looking for a piano/keyboard player to join an Elvis tribute band based in Somerset/Dorset.   Gigs already booked.   We are looking to do theatres and halls.   We are also doing the 50s and 60s Elvis songs, something different from everyone else.   If interested, and looking for a fun band, please Contact Andy for more details on 07743 994624.   (December 2015)

Double bass player seeks band

Double bass player looking to join band or available for dep work or studio work.   Essex-based with own transport and gear.   Many years experience in rockabilly, rhythm & blues, swing.   Please contact Dave 07756 249603   (December 2015)

Drummer seeks dep work

Mature experienced drummer, many styles, seeking dep work.   Also available for last minute cover over Christmas and new year period.   South East London, Kent and Essex.   Contact Paul on 07963 437433   (November 2015)

Banbury band seeks drummer

Drummer required for Banbury/Gloucestershire area rock'n'roll/rockabilly band.   Contact Al on 07848 419119 or Terry on 07709 229910.   (November 2015)

Singer seeks band

I am looking for a great rock'n'roll band who require a talented lead singer.   Very experienced, mid 50s, hundreds of gigs behind me since the early 80s.   I can also play rhythm guitar if needed.   Bracknell based.   Gary 01344 534034 / 07917 175758 /   (November 2015)

Fireflytes seek female singer

Newly-formed rockabilly trio The Fireflytes are looking for a rockabilly gal to front the band.   Think Imelda May, Kim Lenz, Eva Eastwood, Janis Martin.   Based SE London/Essex/Kent.   You must be out there somewhere! (November 2015)

Rockin' drummer

Rockin' drummer available - Kent/Sussex.

I have played every kind of rockin' venue/festival, played rockin' styles as diverse as jump jive right through to neo rockabilly.   CV too big to include here.   Looking for gigging band that pays and has sorted logistics.   I am based in the South East - Kent/Sussex borders - and would like to hear from bands from those areas.   However I would consider bands based elsewhere.   Look forward to hearing from you. (October 2015)

Melvyn on drums

Drummer available.   Based in Buckinghamshire.   Have got some dates free, and can help out short term or long term.   Melvyn Stix Edwards 07818 504781   (October 2015)

North West drummer

NW-based drummer available.   Experienced, versatile, musical, 50-something (but don't forget that's drummer years, not normal years).

Professional attitude, great busker, looking for something fun and different.   Specific genre not as important as quality so most anything considered, especially anything with a focus on 'performance'...   Psychobilly?   Retro/vintage events band?   Or a quality dynamic swingy band playing cool venues, corporate gigs, festivals, etc.   Anything out there?   Feel free to email me at   Mike.   (October 2015)

Hot Dog Rockers

The Hot Dog Rockers are trying to trace a potential new bass player... after losing his number.

The band's Mick Wyeth said: "We auditioned a bass player who answered our ad on Planet Jive.   His name is John and he comes from Worthing, West Sussex.   A good session was had.   However, I've lost his phone number!   Please could he ring me again on 01293 537726?"

(September 2015)

Buddy Presley seeks drummer

Buddy Presley The Buddy Presley show needs a new drummer, as Gary Richardson hangs up his sticks.

We are looking for the best ever drummer to join us for our theatre tour, with dressing rooms, lighting and sound crew all thrown in, and sell-out shows!   What else could you want?

This is an incredible show and Dave B is the most amazing star to work with.   All band members are incredible friends, so every show is amazing.   The band is based in the South East.

If you want to join us for a real rocking show, please call me on 07984 331420 or email     (August 2015)

Kopy Katz need a bass

UK three-piece rockabilly/rock'n'roll band The Kopy Katz are looking for a new double bass player to start immediately.

We play a lot of Stray Cats and classic/rare 50s rockers plus our own rockabilly versions of songs by acts like T.Rex, The Rolling Stones and others.

We are guitar, drums and bass.   We love the wildness of Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker & The Stray Cats.   Itís at the heart of what we do.   If you love them, youíll love the energy, sound, look and feel of what we try to emulate.

We have a diary full of gigs.   We have our own top of the range PA system with backdrop and lights plus a new van to shift it all around in.

We are from Herts (Welwyn) and Essex (Frinton-On-Sea) areas.   Ideally, you are not too far but for the right person distance is no issue for us.

Ideally, youíre a seasoned double bass player, fully equipped who looks cool, is great fun to be around, a wild performer with backing vocal ability and bags of commitment.   If any of those qualities fit then get in touch.   Any age, race, gender welcome.   If youíre unsure, then get in touch anyway for a chat.   We are great guys and donít bite.

Contact David 07957268373 or email     (September 2015)

Busy band seeks bass

Slap bass player required for very busy band.   Backing vocals a must.   We are Midlands-based.   You must have your own good gear and transport.   Above all, you must be a professional with the right attitude and must be able to be 100% commited to the band and be able to travel not only in the UK but abroad as well.

If you feel you fit the bill, email     (August 2015)

Trio seeks bass

The Wayne Connor Trio need an upright bass player.

Based in Worcester, we play rock'n'roll, boogie woogie, jump jive, rockabilly, blues and jazz, etc.   Must have great gear and transport.   Email or call 07872 639721     (August 2015)

Trumpet wanted

Trumpet player wanted to complete the line-up for a swing/gypsy swing six-piece band based in Kent.

Email or phone 07756 249603     (June 2015)

Speedvilles need a bass

The Speedvilles, a lively rock'n'roll/rockabilly band based in Oxfordshire are looking for a new double bass player.

Our current bassist is moving to Germany in a few months so we need to find a replacement as soon as possible.   We have dates until September covered.   After that we will need to be ready with the new line-up.   We play mainly covers but with some originals.   For more info, give James a call on 07795 575710.     (April 2015)

Record with us

Recording studio in East Kent owned and operated by highly experienced rockabilly musician with 10 years engineering and producing credits on released recordings.

Equipped with rockabilly/r'n'r bands in mind, the studio boasts a high quality valve mixer and additional valve pre-amps for a warm rockin' sound.   The studio layout allows all musicians to record in the same room for a better live feel.   £120 for an 8 hour day.   For more info, please get in contact! /     (April 2015)

Hillbilly harmonica honker

Hillbilly harmonica honker available for duo, trio etc, vocals, banjo and guitar if required, for rootsy retro combo or start-up, northwest based.

Terry Earl Taylor 01270 505018 or     (March 2015)

New project

Double bass player seeking musicians for a new project.

I have drums, piano and guitar.   Now looking for a singer, trumpet and sax to complete a brilliant jump blues jive band.   I am based in Essex.   Singer can be male or female as long as you have the world's biggest personality and passion.   I need good rockin' people who know how to rock out!   Email     (March 2015)

Memphis Riders

The Memphis Riders are looking for a new lead guitarist with some singing duties.

The whole band share vocals.   Check out some of our vids on YouTube.   We are a very busy band on the r'n'r scene and this is a pretty full time gig.   We are based in Mansfield and Lincoln but get all over the country, so must be willing to travel.   Please email Guy on     (February 2015)

North Notts band need guitar

Experienced guitarist required for established and busy North Notts based rock'n' roll band.   Please email Dennis at or call on 07971 705520.     (February 2015)

Drummer available

Drummer available full time for committed band working or recording.   Essex-based but I can travel anywhere... UK, Europe, USA, Japan, Cornwall!   Played on various CDs and on r'n'r radio stations.   Into rockabilly, jive, swing, boogie and blues via Western swing.   You would have seen me with Jump 66, The Alleycats, Pete Hutton & The Beyonders, Mike & The Rhythm Stars, Jackson Sloan, The Cadillacs.... either as a dep drummer or full time.   I've played at gigs like Americana three years running, from Glastonbury to the smallest venue in the land.   I had decided to semi-retire from the music scene last year but miss it and need to play live every week if possible.   Call Jerry on 07970 814401.     (February 2015)

Sax wanted

Wanted: tenor sax player for 50s rhythm'n'blues, rock'n'roll jump jive band.   We are all very experienced players starting a new venture.   London, Essex or Suffolk-based preferred.   Phone Dave 07756249603.     (February 2015)

Raunchy and brassy

UK bookings waiting for top class jump jive bands with strong sax / brass and a raunchy bluesy sound.   Must be adaptable.   I'm working with a promoter looking to put together a series of shows in large cities later this year.   Think mid-50s Vegas (Louis Prima/Sam Butera) with more than a dash of New Orleans and a peppering of late 40s/early 50s r'n'b.   Instrumentally tight and versatile.

Tweet me @rockinretrolife or email     (February 2015)

Rockin' studio

Oxford recording studio Clearwater Recording offers excellent live recording facilities and an engineer with a feel for 50s rock'n'roll, swing and country.   Our main room can handle a six-piece band and an audience of 10.   If you are a band that likes to all play together when you are recording, this is the place for you.

Call 07818 342173 for a chat.   Mike Abbott, manager.     (February 2015)

South of Brum

Lead guitarist available, based just south of Birmingham.   Lots of experience on the rock'n'roll circuit, mainly trios, top gear.   I'm looking for a band with a double bass player doing 50s rock'n'roll/rockabilly/jive etc, or a double bass player with lead vocals to form a new trio.   Call Mark on 07805 993259.     (January 2015)

Cruising with Eddie

Eddie Martin & His Rhythm Cruisers need a lead guitarist.

We are a 50s rock'n'roll band based in Staffordshire and the Midlands with plenty of gigs lined up for this year and into next year, playing at r'n'r clubs and weekenders.   Knowledge of this style of music is a must as well as enthusiasm and commitment.   Please contact Eddie on 07754 593502 for more details.     (January 2015)

Rockabilly guitarist available

Gretsch playing guitarist (a young 61-year-old).   Iím seeking other musicians, or a band, or jams to play early to modern rockíníroll and rockabilly.   All instruments including other guitarists are more than welcome!   Rehearse, gig, jam, enjoy!   Also any info on r'n'r and rockabilly venues in and around Essex.   Feel free to call for a chat.   07717 882276     (January 2015)

Pedigree chums

Rock'n'roll drummer and stand-up bass man wanted to join with guitar and piano player, based in East Grinstead/Crawley area.   We are experienced players of some pedigree.   Musical tastes would include Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins, etc.   Looking to play r'n'r jive clubs again.   Call Mick on 01293 537726 anytime.     (January 2015)

Versatile drummer

Very experienced rockabilly/rock'n'roll drummer looking for band or musicians.

Known for playing in high profile neo rockabilly bands since the 80s.   Can play all styles from all corners of the rockin' genres and beyond.   Up for playing authentic rockabilly/neo rockabilly/rockin' blues, and also 60s surf/garage/instrumental, and gypsy blues.

Would like to hear from established bands, start-up bands, or experienced individual musicians with interesting ideas.   Based in East Kent.   Contact:     (December 2014)

Experienced double bass player

Experienced double bass player available for dep work.   Rockabilly, swing, rhythm & blues.   Based in Essex.   Phone 07756 249603.     (December 2014)

Fresh start

Kent based lead guitarist with own style, own gear and own transport recently available.

Ready and willing to start something new.   Fairly experienced with recording and gigs UK-wide.   Willing to travel within reason and for the right people.   London, Essex, etc all very accessible.   Style prodominantly rockabilly inspired but equally happy with blues, rock'n'roll.   Possibly open to dep work if required.   Text or call 07432 602099.     (December 2014)

Seven nights to rock

Worcester DJ Big Col is now now available seven nights a week nationwide for clubs, pubs, small and large events, private parties, weddings, anniversaries and anything that rocks!

Col says: "I currently run the Bop Shop R'n'R Club at The Gilt Edge in Kidderminster on the last Saturday of every month and will continue to do so.   I just feel that the time is right to take this step forward.   There are a lot of people out there that have asked if I would play their clubs.   There are seven nights in a week so I have seven nights to rock!"

Call 07812 178065 / 01905 759368 or email     (December 2014)

Serious sax

Very serious tenor sax player available anywhere between Birmingham and Carlisle for the right kind of band (I am Warrington-based).

Have recently depped at an r'n'r club near Northampton and played rather well.   My thirty years on the instrument includes three years in a function band gigging golf clubs and masonics.   Most recently playing with a bluesy pub band, and before that in an r'n'r band that never got off the ground.   My style shows best with a late 40s early 50s kind of sound (Littlefield's Kansas City and Big Joe Turner), and my aim is to get that sound as authentic as is possible on a modern instrument.   I can get audiences moving.   To go with my 50s playing and my 50s clothes, I operate a strict 1950's smoking policy.

Please contact Alan on 07534 846438 or email     (December 2014)

Gretsch for sale

For sale: Gretsch White Falcon with Bigsby 2006.   Looks and sounds amazing.   £1700 ono.

Also: Gibson BR9 lapsteel circa late 50s early 60s with original case.   Sounds amazing. £500 ono.   Collect in person from Leeds.

For more details call Tim on 07725 059949.     (December 2014)

Wanted in Wickford

Lead guitarist needed to form a 4 piece rock'n'roll/rockabilly band based in Wickford, Essex.   In the style of early rock'n'roll/rockabilly and country - eg. early Sun (Elvis, Carl Perkins, Warren Smith, Hal Harris, Dwight Pullen, Lee Denson, Curtis Gordon etc.)   Please contact Billy 07580 260047 /     (December 2014)

New band

I am looking to form a rock'n'roll and blues band in the Kingston area.   My name is Mark.   I played with the Impalas late 70s early 80s.   Email     (November 2014)

Keyboards wanted

Committed keyboard player wanted to join a new band of professional, experienced musicians performing 40s/50s jive, r'n'b and swing.   Suffolk/Essex based.   Please call either Jacquie on 07743 718305 or Dave on 07842 520174.     (November 2014)

Jerry Lee tribute

1950s/60s guitarist wanted with vocals for a Jerry Lee Lewis pro tribute band in Yorkshire doing holiday camps, big clubs and festivals.   Call David for further details on 07930 996254 or email     (October 2014)

Yorkshire bass

Double bass player pro semi pro just finished four years with a band, and looking for work in a rock'n'roll or rockabilly band.   Based in West Yorkshire.   Can sing lead or backing vocals.   All gear plus PA.   Call Dan 07939 632786.     (October 2014)

Singer wants band

I am a young singer, based in Cambridge looking to form or join a band.   I have been singing rock'n'roll for the last five years.   Performed with a variety of different bands but have not been able to form my own band.   If anyone is looking for a singer I am happy to travel.   My number is 07715 948389.     (October 2014)

Rockin' DJ

Jazon I'm new to the DJ scene and ready for more gigs.   I've done plenty of DJ sets in and around Northamptonshire.   I know there's many great DJs out there at the moment, but should any club fancy a new youngish DJ please get in touch.

Jazon Hawthorn   07891 842530

(October 2014)

New band needs keyboard/sax

New band of experienced musicians (guitar, stand-up bass, drums) looking for a keyboard or sax player who can also sing (backing or lead) to complete the line-up.   We play classic r'n'r and swing, and we're based in Surrey.   Email or phone 07715 377002.     (October 2014)

Singer/guitarist seeks new band

I'm a singer/guitarist previously in a very well known band on the rock'n'roll circuit looking to get back on the scene and join a new band.   I'm willing to travel.   I'm based in the West Midlands.   My phone number is 07538 688832.     (September 2014)

New Essex band

Lead guitarist and double bassist needed to form a four-piece r'n'r/rockabilly band in Wickford, Essex.   Playing in the style of early Sun Records.   Please call or text Billy on 07580 260047.     (August 2014)

Rockin' piano player

Piano player in the style of Merrill Moore, and Jerry Lee Lewis looking for rocking band, dep, or maybe start up.   Into rock'n'roll, rockabilly, rhythm'n'blues, hillbilly boogie kinda thing.   Also play rhythm guitar, bit of blues harp and sing a little.   Kent based.   Call 07934 054911.     (August 2014)

Drummer and pianist needed

We are an authentic 50s r'n'r band (West Midlands/Staffs based) working the busy UK rockin' circuit playing jive, stroll and boppers at clubs and weekenders.   We require both a committed drummer and also a pianist to join us.   Enthusiasm and commitment are important and experience of the rockin' circuit would be nice.   Preferably not too far away so that any rehearsals do not become a problem.   Call us to find out more on 07922 955418.     (August 2014)

Singer wants to rock again

I am a vocalist wanting to join a rockin' band in the North West.   I'm into 50s rockabilly early US and UK 50s'60s rock'n'roll and 80s neo-rockabilly and psychobilly.   I used to do a Billy Idol tribute some years ago.   I want to rock again.   Email     (August 2014)

Young rockabilly singer/guitarist

Young rockabilly singer and rhythm guitarist looking to join a band.   I am an experienced performer with over 200 gigs under my belt and would like to get back to it full time.   I have been playing on the rock'n'roll circuit for seven years.   My passion is rocking stuff by gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette, Eddie Cochran, Holly and Perkins etc.   I will also do originals too.   I have my own professional equipment and am prepared to travel for gigs.   If you need me and want to try me out, call James on 07795 575710.   Oxford based.     (July 2014)

Drummer Dan

Dan Drummer available for gigs, festivals, tours and sessions.

Plenty of experience on the r'n'r circuit.

Excellent gear and transport.

Call Dan 07956 314413 e-mail   (July 2014)

Drummer available

Very experienced drummer, mature early 50s, reader, pro gear, currently working on 50s rock'n'roll scene, looking to slot in as a dep or full member with busy working band.   Very reliable and easy to work with, and willing to travel.   Based near Dartford, so Kent, Essex and parts of London are all within reach.   Used to gigging up and down the country.   Paul 07963 437433.       (June 2014)

Wayne's world

Wayne Hi, I'm Wayne, a piano player/singer.   I am looking for dep work etc.   I play rock'n'roll, boogie woogie, jump jive, jazz stride etc.

I've played with many bands on the scene including The Toppkatz, The Downtown Daddyos, The Jets, The Firebirds, The Blue Caps, Graham Fenton, Johnny Fox etc.

Please email or call 07597 756970.     (June 2014)

Bass for sale

Black 3/4 double bass for sale in Wickford, Essex.   £300 no offers.   Eurosonic strings, works well with magnetic pick up and any other acoustic pick up.   Few light scratches on the back, but never been played on stage, only in my house a few times.   Please call Wil on 01268 768490.   If there's no answer, please leave a message.     (June 2014)

Bucks drummer

Buckinghamshire-based drummer Melvyn Stix Edwards has some dates free.   Call 07818 504791.     (June 2014)

Chevy Heaven

Chevy Heaven is a new band with an edge.   Female vocals from Wendy, full Fender bass sound from Dave, Ralph working the back beat and myself on lead Gretsch.   We play hard hitting rock'n'roll.   Available for bookings from July onwards, we have a four track demo available for any venues interested.   Check out the website at, or contact Mick on 07903 362725 or     (May 2014)

Double bass and drummer wanted

West Midlands-based experienced female vocalist (Wanda Jackson, Ruth Brown, Johnny Burnette-style) and experienced guitar player/steel guitar with own kit looking for double bass and drummer to form new exiting outfit.   Into all types of rockabilly, jump blues etc.   Must be keen and into the music, open to new ideas.   Contact Steve on 01886 832737 eves, or email     (May 2014)

Young double bass and drums wanted

Teenage rock'n'roll boogie woogie pianist seeks similar aged bassist and drummer to form local band in Loughton, Essex.   Dedication and reliability are a must over ability.   Contact Andy on 07922 477166 or email     (April 2014)

Stormy Red

Committed double bass and pianist wanted for Stormy Red & The Tornados.   Based in the North West, Stormy Red & The Tornados are a seven-piece 'stonkin, dirty, rock'n'roll and bitchin' blues' band, consisting of raucous female vocals.   The band's influences are in the style of late 50s r'n'b like Big Mama Thornton, Amos Milburn, to early 60s rock'n'roll, soul and bew breed.   For more info, contact     (April 2014)

Experienced guitarist/singer

Experienced r'n'r guitarist/singer in West Midlands available now for gigs or rehearsals.   Many years experience on the scene.   Call Shaun on 07534 802935 or email     (April 2014)

Rattle Shakin' Daddies

We put together this little photo montage with one of our newly recorded songs...   Kevin OíReilly, Rattle Shakin Daddies.     (March 2014)

Female drummer

I'm 49 and played in a band many years ago.   I'm a bit rusty but would like to get back into a band in Liverpool.   I have no transport but do have a place for a band to practice.   I'm used to playing 50s and can do a small amount of backing singing.   Email     (March 2014)

Lead singer wanted

Established rockabilly/rock'n'roll band seek lead vocalist.   We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic and willing to perform original material as well as covers.   Edinburgh/Fife area.   Call/text Chris for further details: 07447 940227     (February 2014)

Notts drummer ready to rock

Drummer ready to rock'n'roll or rockabilly can join a band.   No fluffy stuff, just fast rockin' music.   From Nottingham, around 50 years young.   Own kit mics and transport.   Been playing about 20 years.   Email Kevin at     (February 2014)

Northside Hotrods

Soon to be re-gigging, rocking rolling combo The Northside Hotrods are looking for a bassist, ideally bullfiddle, though electric, or tea chest, or cigar box welcome.   Enthusiasm trumps experience.   Elvis, Cash, Perkins and the rest, including originals.   Age/gender immaterial.   Crewe/Stoke axis, initially pubs and such.   Contact Terry Vince Taylor on     (February 2014)

North West guitarist

North West-based guitarist, 49, seeks rock'n'roll band.   Ideally I would like rock'n'roll or swing-type band but can play rockabilly no problem.   I have top notch gear and am willing to travel.   Professional attitude, very reliable, plenty of experience on the rock'n'roll circuit.   Email or call Steve on 07748 641477     (February 2014)

Surf Rats ride again

Terence Ruffle My name is Terence Ruffle -   Up until 2010 I sang with a band called the Surf Rats.   Some of our videos are at   I'd really like to put a new version of the band together.

I'm looking for a bass player who can play both upright and electric bass, a versatile, hard hitting drummer who's played all sorts of rock'n'roll, and a guitarist, who's somewhere between Cliff Gallop and Mick Ronson.   Ideally I'm looking for three guys that specialise in rockabilly/rock'n'roll, but can play pretty much anything.   Vocals would be a bonus too.

My influences Gene Vincent, Elvis, Johnny Kidd, The Cramps, Gun Club, Stray Cats, Robert Gordon, The Pirates.   I'm located in Heybridge, near Maldon in Essex.   Transport is essential, total commitment 100% necessary.   If you wanna play some ass-kickin' balls-to-the-wall rock'n'roll, please get in touch via   Expect to gig at least twice a month, and earn a few bob too.     (January 2014)

Let's rock Kent

I am looking for a guitarist (lead and rhythm), drummer, bass player and anyone else who is interested in joining me in forming a new rockin' band.   Rock'n'roll, rockabilly, jivers, strollers... anything rockin'.   Based in Kent, I have a complete PA and mic system, there is a rehearsal studio nearby and a flexible setlist waiting to be performed.   Must have own transport, instruments and sense of humour!   Call me if interested: 07960 714959.   Mike.   (February 2014)

Keyboard player

Keyboard/piano player (50) available.   Looking for any variations of jump/jive/swing/r'n'r.   Warrington, Cheshire based.   Contact (without spaces) - jumpjive @ virginmedia . com   (February 2014)

Have guitar will travel

Rhythm guitar playing singer looking to stand in with a rock'n'roll, jive or rockabilly band.   Willing to travel for the right band.   Kevin 07921 197749     (January 2014)

Hi-Aces need you

Midlands band The Hi-Aces are looking for a rhythm player to complete our four-piece line-up.   The band consists of an upright bass player/singer, lead guitar/singer and drums/backing vocals.     We have plenty of contacts and gigs coming up.   Please email Paul at or call 07875 200728     (January 2014)

Five Jive & The Shala-las

Five Jive & The Shala-las are seeking a guitarist.   We're a five-piece rock'n'roll band with two backing singers.   We have a top of the line, six-string Joe Pass blonde epiphone guitar here if you wish to use it.   The band is based in Shropshire/Worcestershire and is now ready to perform at rock'n'roll dance venues.   Please phone Warren on 07708 239572 or email me at     (January 2014)

Johnny be good

I'm Johnny Aitken.   I sing and play rockabilly/r'n'r guitar.   I also write my own material and have had lots of airplay on local stations up and down the country.   I don't have transport or PA but I have all the guitar gear and stage wear, I also have a well rehearsed set of 50s type r'n'r standards including my own songs which are very 50s.   If you want to check me out on YouTube just search for Johnny Aitken.   I want to join a band am in the Huddersfield area.   Iím in my 50s but I don't care about age as long as you can rock with me.   Cheers.     (January 2014)

Drum and bass

Looking for competent bass player (upright) and drummer, both with good vocals, in the Midlands area, to form a new unit, bookings waiting.   For loads more info call Louie (Louie Cochran Trio) after 6pm weekdays or text on 07899 807001     (January 2014)

Johnny Midnight

My name is Johnny.   I am a male singer (front man) and acoustic rhythm guitarist.   I am looking for a 50s style rockabilly/rock'n'roll band.   I am based in Bournemouth.   I have lots of experience under my belt.   I have my own transport and I am willing to do bit of travelling for gigs and rehearsals.   For more info email     (December 2013)

Drum with the Downtown Daddyos

The Downtown Daddyos are currently looking for a drummer, preferably with vocals, to join them on the circuit.   Own kit, transport and 100% commitment are a must, as we have a busy schedule.   If youíre the person we need, call Richie on 07775 868877 or email     (November 2013)

3/4 bass wanted

I am looking for a 3/4 double bass for sale.   Not a problem if it's damaged or needs work.   Looking for cheap as possible, so if anybody knows of any or has one for sale please email me at     (November 2013)

Staffs drummer seeks band

I'm based in Staffordshire and have been into rockin' music all my life.   I've been playing drums for eight years and I'm looking for a rockabilly band preferably.   Favourites are Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Johnny Burnette, etc, but don't mind playing a bit of Haley and the like.   Contact Jes on 07860 370463 or email     (November 2013)

Rock with Mike

Lead/rhythm guitarist wanted for 50s r'n'r/rockabilly band.   Based in Essex.   Call Mike 07805 188372     (November 2013)

Johnny & The Jailbirds

Johnny & The Jailbirds are looking for a piano player for their new line-up.   If you want to be a part of this Northants-based rockin' band please call 07887 851427.       (September 2013)

Rockin' drummer wanted in Kent

A new trio formed from seasoned ex members of the Rockets and the Sonics are looking for a tubs man to join them in a new rockin' adventure, playing a wide variety of rockabilly, r'n'r and jump blues.   Own kit and transport essential.   We are finishing the sets and will be gigging soon.   Email     (October 2013)

Miss Pearl & The Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamonds

We're a dynamic authentic sounding four-piece rockabilly band playing all types of 50s music including rockabilly, hillbilly, country, jump blues etc, from Wanda Jackson to Johnny Burnette, Howlin' Wolf to Elvis.   We also write our own songs.  

We are willing to travel and have our own PA.   Look us up on YouTube or call Steve on 01684 564404 daytime / 01886 832737 evenings or email or see     (October 2013)

Buddy Presley needs a pianist

The Buddy Presley Band require a piano player to tour with us.   As it says on the tin, it's Buddy and Elvis songs.   We have just finished our summer tour and we packed all the theatres we played.   It's gone very well and we already have 14 dates in theatres for next year.   All you musicians know the Buddy and Elvis songs.   It's just a case of blending in with our band.   So just an audition required then straight to the gigs.   It could be that you can only dep for us.   That is cool too.   We have two deps but would really like someone full time to join us.   You must have a car and the look thatís cool.   This band is so much fun with loads of different facets to its show.   The band is set up for dancers as much as watchers and is very very authentic.   Please contact or phone 07958 4331420.   (September 2013)

Old Time Hillbilly Duo

I'm a singer, banjo picker, guitar strummer and harp blower looking for a musical partner for an old time country, hillbilly, blues, r'n'b duo (or trio or whatever).   North West based.   Email or call Terry on 01270 505018 or see YouTube     (September 2013)

Bangin' for the groove

Reliable and committed drummer (house trained), based in East Midlands, is looking to join a gigging band.   Excellent gear (inc mics/triggers, monitors etc) and car.   Lots of live rockin' experience, and lovin' r'n'r/swing/jive/rockabilly music.   If you're looking for a drummer or know someone who is, call me on 07852 404728 or email     (August 2013)

Rat Pack singer seeks rockin' band

Singer currently covering swing material looking to join a band to do rock'n'roll, jump jive for festivals and private bookings!   Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Elvis, Louis Jordan, Ricky Nelson, Chuck Berry etc.   Hampshire based but willing to travel.     Video at   Contact Steve Conway 07788 813576 /     (August 2013)

Ford Valley Wranglers

We are looking for a double bass player in the Leeds/Bradford area to join the band playing rockabilly, hillbilly etc.   Mostly covers plus originals.   I can send a link for mp3s taken from a recording session if interested.   Email     (August 2013)

50s rockabilly guitarist available

Rockabilly, r'n'r, hillbilly etc.   Some steel guitar and mandolin.   Ex-name bands, pro gear.   Manchester/North West.   Steve 07904 874747 /     (August 2013)

Singer wanted

Singer wanted to join guitar and double bass with possible drummer.   Rhythm guitar an advantage.   Based Manchester/North West.   Steve 07904 874747 /     (August 2013)

Singing guitarist and bass player wanted

Singing guitarist and singing bass player needed for Berkshire-based 50s/60s band.   We cover the classic pop hits of the 50s/60s.   Requirements: 20 - mid-40s, professional attitude, own gear and transport, strong backing vocals as well as some lead.   We have a lot of gigs waiting including an Xmas residency and bookings for next year.   Please only apply if you live within a reasonable commuting distance and would be willing to attend rehearsals.   Please email me for more info at     (August 2013)

The next big thing

Old bloke just woke up and wants to recapture the the excitement of the early 80s rockabilly scene.   No fixed ideas.   Probably small line-up doing rockabilly leaning towards honky tonk (Johnny Horton style?).   I play guitar, harmonica and sing.   It's a long time since I slapped a bass but I'm willing to give it a go again.   If we do this it will be spectacular.   I live on Northants/Cambs border (Oundle).   Talk to me.   Big Bob G.   07939 586789.     (August 2013)

Cheaterslicks need a slap bass

West Country rockabilly outfit signed to Western Star Records, The Cheaterslicks, are looking for a slap bass player with experience and a high level of ability to join their line-up.   You must be motivated, available for shows most weekends and extended European tours plus the occasional weeknight booking.   We also rehearse pretty hard too, as we play mostly self-penned numbers.   So making rehearsal should not become an issue.   Own quality equipment required and transport too.   We are looking for someone to join ASAP as we have shows coming up.   If you are interested email us listing experience, ability and drive.   A picture would be beneficial too, as image is also important to us.     (July 2013)

Sheffield guitarist wanted

Guitarist required for new side project.   Three piece set up with double bass and drums.   Lots of contacts on the rock n roll scene.   Sheffield area based.   Vocals would be great but not essential.   Must have transport.   Contact Paul on 07745 127855     (July 2013)

Rockin' haircut help

Terry Earl Taylor says: Good barbers are hard to find in the North West, and Curley does a fine rockabilly short back and sides with a flick on top!   Curley's Barbers are at 24 High Street, Newcastle-Under-Lyme ST5 1RA, for that well groomed rockabilly haircut.   01782 635343   Tell him Terry sent you!     (July 2013)

Yorkshire guitarist wanted

I'm a double bass player and I'm looking for a rockabilly guitarist for local gigs in the Halifax and surrounding areas, due to my regular guy leaving the band.   Some covers and original stuff from rockin blues to wild rockabilly.   Not trying to set the world on fire or educate the masses, just gig once a month and rehearse on a weekly basis.   Image not an issue but a good knowledge of rockabilly and its roots a must.   No egos or fret wa****s.   If you don't mind playing in local boozers for a few quid and free beer, this could be for you.   Sean 07715 998230.     (July 2013)

Midlands drummer needed

Pro gigging and recording 50s band with full diary and good rates of pay require a drummer from in or around the Midlands area (preferred but not essential).   You must have your own gear and transport, you must love the music, and the clothes.   A good level of experience on the rockin' scene (preferred but not essential).   A good knowledge of all styles of 50s music (essential).   Ability to do backing vocals a bonus.   You must be reliable and able to commit to gigs, both in the UK and abroad.   And last but not least, a great personality, good team player, and sense of humour is a must.   If this is you, then don't miss this great opportunity.   Contact Nile Robbins on 0121 743 7944 / 07834 765328 or email     (June 2013)

Midlands guitarist

Experienced lead guitarist looking for a 1950s rock'n'roll/jive band.   Midlands based, own transport, great sound, Gretsch and Bassman.   Ready to step in at short notice.   Call Mark on 07805 993259.     (June 2013)

Rockin' keyboards and guitar

Hi my name is Jim.   I am a fab boogie woogie piano player and R&B, rockabilly guitarist.   I have all my own gear, based in Surrey, willing to travel and will always be somewhere on time.   I have a wide range of gear plus clothing and will always turn up well presented.   I learn fast and can be ready at the drop of a hat.   I have played with a few named bands over the years and I'm looking for something new or as a dep leading to something more permanent.   Contact me on 07780 565390 or at     (June 2013)

Singer wanted

Singer/vocalist needed to join drums, lead guitar and bass for hard hitting r'n'r/r'n'b band being formed in Essex and North Herts.   We aim to play material from Eddie Cochran, Johnny Kidd, Dr. Feelgood, The Pirates etc.   Bass guitarist and lead guitarist will provide backing vocals.   Contact Mick on 07903 362725 or email     (June 2013)

Drummer needed

Drummer required for a new project in SE London/Mid Kent consisting of guitarist, upright bass/vocalist, female backing/lead vocalist.   Might also consider either a rhythm guitarist or keyboard player if keen.   We'll be playing rockabilly, r'n'b and rock'n'roll.   You'll need your own transport, commitment and be willing to rehearse.   Phone 07599 497521     (June 2013)

London guitarist

Rockabilly, blues, surf, rock'n'roll guitar player is available for gigs, and looking for a band.   15 years experience, reliable and hard working.   Based in London.   Please call 07943 899755 or email   (June 2013)

Seeking singers

Seeking two strong female singers with a unique look (tattoos, vintage, pinup, dyed hair etc) for a new project based in Bristol.   Regular commitment required.   Please email for more info.     (May 2013)

Photo shoot location

Hello.   I have a 1950s location if anyone out there is doing a pinup shoot.   The front room and kitchen are period perfect 1950s and I have a rockabilly/space age 'museum' room.   There is a selection of guitars and a double bass available also.   At the rear of the property is a 50s style American ranch scene and the garage is another 'museum' with a 50s petrol pump to name but one of quite a few things.   Also available is a 50s style deuce coupe hot rod.   I'm also available for a photo shoot but as yet, nobody's ever asked me...   Can't think why.   (Checks himself in the mirror.)   Oh, I see why now!   The location is CW3 0ES.   Please email me for futher information.   Thanks.   (June 2013)

Bass player needed

Friendly bass player (male or female) wanted to join two old musos (lead guitar and drummer) and our younger female vocalist.   We play blues, rockabilly, jazz and swing.   We are a very friendly bunch who like a laugh, but we do take our once a week rehearsals very seriously.   We have already gigged, mainly on the local pub circuit, but we do private functions and have further gigs lined up.   If you fancy playing something a little different and having some fun along the way then give Dave a ring or text on 07969 682610 for a chat or possible audition.   (May 2013)

London drummer

London dased drummer available.   Lots of live rockin' experience and looking to dep or join a working band.   Willing to travel and have car and kit.   Look forward to hearing from you.   Gťrard 07722 529925.   (May 2013)

Have guitar will travel

Rhythm guitar-playing rock'n'roll/rockabilly singer available for gigs.   Own full PA.   Based on the South Coast, but distance is not a problem for the right set-up.   Contact 07921 197749.   (May 2013)

Steve Del Rio & The Deltas

South Yorkshire-based five-piece rock`n`roll / Elvis tribute band are taking bookings for your pub/club/event.   Contact Steve on or 07833 631819.   (May 2013)

Birmingham bass

Double bass player looking to join a band in the Birmingham or surrounding area.   I have all my own equipment.   Call Martin on 07783 081703.   (April 2013)

Swinging songwriter

Songwriter who loves writing swing, rockabilly, jive and the blues is looking for performers and artists to record and perform his songs.   He got into writing swing music about two years ago after hearing some rock-a-billy music by the Stray Cats and some swing music by the Jive Aces, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Squirrel Nut Zipper.   He has been writing music on and off since the early 70s but prefers to write swing music now above all other genres.   Please contact Russ Owens, BMI at   (April 2013)

Our man in Berlin

English rock'n'roll guitarist living in Berlin available to dep with bands touring/playing in Germany.   Years of experience at top level in rockabilly, psychobilly, rhythm and blues and lots more.   Spike: 0049 1744 770617 /   (April 2013)

Guitarist wanted

Sheffield-based band The Radiacs are seeking a guitarist to complete a new look line-up.   We play psychobilly/neo rockabilly and have a fairly extensive back catalogue - much of it available on YouTube.   We are looking at gigging and writing material for a new album.   Drop us a line at if interested and we'll take it from there.   (April 2013)

Drum kit for sale

Custom hand-built cocktail drum kit for sale.   Ideal kit for small pubs as it hardly takes up any space and can be put together in minutes.   Collection only from Cinderhill, Nottingham as it's too large to post.   It has custom artwork (Jack Daniel's design).   £220 - no offers.   Email at   (April 2013)

Have drums will travel

Suffolk-based drummer with experience of playing rockabilly, rock'n'roll and swing/jive available for paid dep work.   Good gear and transport.   Give me a call on 07557 908361   (April 2013)

Essex drummer

Ex-Rat Pack drummer Steve available.   Very experienced.   Many years playing rock'n'roll, rockabilly and swing.   Own gear and transport.   Essex based.   Call 07709 865974 or email   (April 2013)

Experienced drummer

Experienced drummer, good kit etc, looking for good rockin' band, preferably for jump swing Joe Turner type stuff, or band members looking to form similar from scratch.   Based in Nottingham but travel not a problem for the right band.   Email or phone 07852 404728   (March 2013)

Rockin' drummer

I am one of the UK's top rockabilly/rock'n'roll/Americana drummers.   I can play any rockin' style, from any era from authentic to contemporary.   I am also accomplished in many other styles and genres.   I have a wealth of live and recording experience and have toured worldwide playing at festivals, clubs etc, at a high level.   I have transport and good gear.   I am based in Kent and looking for paid work.   (March 2013)

The Wildcards

Four-piece rock'n'roll band from Norfolk are currently taking bookings.   Call Andy on 07789 406161.   (March 2013)

The Pick Ups

North East band The Pick Ups are looking for a ballsy r'n'b rockabilly style female or male lead singer and lead guitarist to form a larger five-piece outfit, to complement the current piano trio playing r'n'r, rockabilly, boogie... Lavern Baker, Ruby Turner style.   We dont want much!   Also, if you play upright bass, give us a shout.   Email or ring 07886 850259.   (March 2013)

Lead guitarist wanted

We are a Jerry Lee-style, piano-led r'n'r band based in Liverpool/Manchester playing on the circuit, as well as social clubs, weddings, funerals(?) and private parties.   Your own transport and pro gear a must, backing vocals and/or the odd lead vocal ideally.   Also no deps please, it's too much hassle, we've just done four gigs with four different guitarists!   Contact Martin on 07939 535457 or   (March 2013)

T shirts and art work

Times are hard, therefore if you can make some extra money from your gigs, then that has to be good.   Therefore I am now able to offer a service exclusively for rockin' and jive bands, under the auspices of my new business, WKM Promotions.   T shirts: Printed to your design idea, T shirts make a great advertising tool for your band and make you some handy extra dosh at gigs.   Competitively priced, our prices can make you up to £600 on 100 shirts.   If you need some artwork for your new CD, or some posters for your band, then come and talk to me.   I can produce some stunning artwork for your band and have already produced artwork for Rockin' Rocket 88 (Living This Way), and several other (non rockin') bands.   These services are not available to non rockin' musicians and this ad does not and will not appear elsewhere.   Contact Mike on 07964 763241 or email   (February 2013)

Shotrods need a roadie

An unusual request, but The Shotrods Trio are looking for a fourth - essentially a non playing member with a van to help out.   Duties will include loading the van, driving to gigs, running our small mixer (we'll teach if needs be), and basically helping us out.   Whoever fills the role will be paid the same share as the rest of us.   We are not necessarily looking to add an instrument, but wouldn't refuse a keyboard or sax player if you have that string to your bow.   (No pun intended!)   We are based in Mid Kent and South London, so someone in the area would be best.   Contact Mike on 07964 763241.   (February 2013)

Metrotones need a pianist

Our pianist, Paul Hopton, has had to leave the band due to family commitments and so we're on the lookout for a new piano player.   Promoters needn't worry as Paul's shoes are being ably filled for the time being by the excellent Chris Kane, but he is unable to join us full time.   We're looking for someone based in London, as we rehearse in Mill Hill (NW7), and if it's not too much to hope for, we want someone with a love of doo-wop (or at least a fondness) - not a bitter and twisted musician who has been round the block so many times that rehearsals are a chore and gigs just another day, another dollar.   Anyone interested can either email or call 07538 238388.   (January 2013)

Singer/frontman available

Singer/frontman seeks rock'n'roll/rockabilly/doo wop band.   Experienced, reliable, own PA and transport.   Midlands perferred, but other areas considered.   Dave 07732 259044.   (February 2013)

Tenor sax

Tenor sax player in North Kent/SE London looking to get together with some musicians to play some rock'n'roll.   Let's have a jam and see where it goes.   Email Al at   (January 2013)

Guitarist needs a band

Midlands-based guitarist/singer available and looking to join a rockabilly/rock'n'roll band Ė or for musicians to form a band.   Accomplished in a wide variety of roots style music including rockabilly, rock'n'roll, swing, blues and country Ė needs to get gigging again!   Have band experience, good quality equipment and own transport.   Call Al on 07786 543592 or email   (January 2013)

Boogie woogie piano player

Boogie woogie piano player required for a r'n'b 12-bar boogie blues band.   London area.   Lots of fun.   Contact Conrad 07868 146092 or Neale on 07984 331420.   (January 2013)

Double bass player seeks band

Double bass player based in Leicestershire with good gear, full PA system and big van, looking for a band.   Travel not a problem, contact Andy on 07964 077832.   (January 2013)

Rockabilly Rumble

Rockabilly Rumble Wilts-based rockabilly trio looking for gigs.   We play all kinds of rockabilly or will cater for your favourites.   Happy to play just rock'n'roll, rockabilly, or a mix.   We have around 80 songs, or anything you request.   We'll play anywhere in the UK, weddings welcome.   Look us up on YouTube.

Call Kev singer/guitarist on 01793 886697 / 07771 521344.   (January 2013)

Free photoshoot for your band

My name is Bethany Cookson.   I'm a fashion photographer and student at UCA, Epsom.   I am looking for a rock'n'roll or swing band to take part in a photoshoot to enable me to improve my portfolio.   We can arrange the shoot in London, Surrey or Manchester.   Email or mobile 07955 953225.   (January 2013)

Slap bass wanted

South Yorkshire-based established r'n'r/rockabilly four-piece band requires LOCAL-ISH full time slap bass player for UK and European gigs.   Good standard, no egos.   Covering all 50s standards - Elvis, Buddy, Eddie etc.   Email or call John on 07921 212890.   (January 2013)

A songwriter writes...

My name is Russ Owens.   I live in the United States and I'm a songwriter from the baby boomer era (age 58).   I tend to write more rockabilly and swing type music but have also written country, pop, rock'n'roll and folk music.   If you are a performer or publishers looking for some new swing and rockabilly style music, I would appreciate it if you would contact me.   I could email a mp3 of some of my work.   (January 2013)

R'n'r DJ available

DJ Dave offers a rock'n'roll DJ service including jive music, strollers and boppers by orignal artists and well known groups with over 25,000 songs.   I have all my own audio equipment and public liability insurance.   I cover a 50 mile radius from Nottingham.   Email   (January 2013)

South Wales singer wanted

Experienced front man singer wanted for established rock'n'roll trio.   Elvis, Buddy, Perkins, Cochran, Vincent, etc.   Based in the South Wales area.   Must be committed.   Gigs waiting.   Contact Berny 01495 756243   (December 2012)

Double bass player wanted

Experienced double bass player wanted for working rock'n'roll/rockabilly jump blues band based in NW.   Must be dedicated with good gear, backing vocals or ability to sing would be even better.   Ring John on 07999 499490.   (December 2012)

Experienced drummer available

Ex-Rat Pack drummer available for deps.   Experienced in swing, jump jive, r'n'r, rockabilly plus other styles.   Own gear and transport.   Essex/North Kent based.   Can travel.   Call Steve on 07709 865974 or e-mail   (December 2012)

Casual sax

Tenor/baritone sax player avaialble.   Transport, gear, experience.   Dots or from the recordings or original arrangements.   Based in West Yorkshire.   No ties, travel not a problem.  Call 01274 962688 / 07429 396071 or email   (December 2012)

Dynamite Horton

Explosive rock'n'roll band Dynamite Horton from Norfolk are taking bookings.   Call Paul on 07944 990944 or Dave on 07902 419972.   (December 2012)

Betty & The Page

Top Bristol rockabilly band Betty & The Page require a female lead singer/guitarist.   Gigs booked and waiting for the New Year.   To see what you are missing you can find us on YouTube.   If you can deliver the goods then contact Ciarahn on 07879 605153.   (December 2012)

Kent drummer

We're looking for a drummer into rockabilly, rockin' blues and hard hitting boogie piano.   Influences include Ronnie Dawson to the Go Getters, Big Joe Turner, Amos Milburn, Merril Moore, Jerry Lee, Perkins, Cash, Jack Earls etc.   Will be rehearsing in Dartford so own transport needed, but any age considered, but must be enthusiastic and a sense of humour would help.   Hope to be gigging soon as possible.   Call 07904 450761 or 07738 883519.   (December 2012)

Brum bass

Double bass player seeking to join a band from Birmingham.   Got all my own equipment.   Call Martin on 07783 081703.   (November 2012)

Rattling new year

Isle of Wight-based 4/5 piece, The Rattle Shakin' Daddies, are now taking bookings.   Contact Kevin on 01983 400911 / 07921 197749.   (November 2012)

Drummer available

Good basics drummer available, plenty of knowledge and gigging experience on the r'n'r scene.   Essex-based but willing to travel for the right band.   Mike 07805 188372.   (November 2012)

Sharp on the harp

My name is Mark.   I am an experienced harp player hailing from the South West, 47 years old.   I play mainly blues, r'n'b and rockabilly.   I am looking to join a rocking band.   I have own transport and kit.   For more info call 07531 196510 email   (November 2012)

Stylettes seek female vocalist

We are a North Hampshire-based 50s/60s r'n'r band formed in the early part of 2012 and play at corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, pubs and social clubs.   We are very committed to the band but what is key to us is that we also have a lot of fun.   We are looking for an easy going professional vocalist who can slot into the current set-up as we have gigs and events booked from now on through 2013.   If you think you could be up for the task please feel free to contact us at (October 2012)

Hot guitarist wanted

If you're looking to make some music that's pretty much on the neo edge...   You must be willing to take a walk on the wild side in female fronted band, as anything's possible!   London, Herts or Essex based preferable.   Must have own equipment and transport.   Gretsch player would be great if possible as the acoustic guitarist also plays one.   Must be able to tour if necessary!   Please message Markus Feldman via Facebook.   (October 2012)

Rockin' sax

Tenor sax player with 27 years experience, on and off, looking for regular work.   Birmingham based but willing to travel.   Call Rob 07968 527628 or email   (October 2012)

Slap bass available

Slap bass player available for rockabilly, psychobilly, country etc.   Anything considered.   Looking for experienced band/musicians in Norfolk or North Suffolk area.   Contact Tim at   (October 2012)

Trio needs drummer

Our five-piece band has been reduced to just two, and we're now aiming to go out as a rockabilly trio.   But we need a drummer - if possible not a dep, and someone who knows their way around.   You need your own gear, transport and live in London/Kent/South east.   We don't envisage too many rehearsals, because at first it will be standard stuff.   So you need to know your rockabilly.   Phone Mike on 07964 763241.   (September 2012)

Birmingham bass

Double bass player looking to join band with own PA system Birmingham area.   Call Martin on 07783 081703.   (September 2012)

Bass wanted in Leicestershire

Double bass player needed for an established band in South Leicestershire.   Gigs booked.   Call Ian 07857 900630.   (September 2012)

Devon Dan

My name's Dan.   Iím 19 and live in Exeter, Devon.   I've been playing lead guitar for 5+ years and Iím passionate about rockabilly, Western swing, honky tonk, hillbilly etc.   I've been after a band playing this music for about a year with no luck.

Iím not looking for amazing musicians, just like-minded people who enjoy the music and want to improve and play great music live like I do.   (September 2012)

Essex guitarist

I'm a lead guitarist from Essex looking for a working band.   Lead and backing vocals are available.   Plenty of experience on the scene.   All types of music considered.   Mike 07805 188372.   (August 2012)

Drum and bass player wanted

Currently looking for a drummer and a bassist to complete line-up.   Must be willing to travel to gigs and preferbly Essex/Kent/London based, open to new ideas.   Backing vocals and possibly some lead vocals required.   Mike 07805 188372.   (August 2012)

Double bass player available

Experienced upright/double bass player, plays rockabilly/country/bluegrass, etc.   Own top gear, transport etc, looking for likewise band with gigs, direction.   Good for depping etc, or happy to settle with right outfit.   Based north east Cornwall, so please, not more than 40 miles for rehearsing.   Email   (July 2012)

Guitar lessons wanted

Rockabilly guitar lessons wanted in West Yorkshire.   Please contact Mally on 01274 405772 / 07535 751095 /   (July 2012)

Pro drummer

Full time pro drummer available for paid work.   20 years experience on the r'n'r circuit.   Based South London.   Available for gigs, tours and sessions.   Click friendly.   Excellent gear and transport.   Email or call 07813 509715.   (June 2012)

Wilson Duo

The Wilson Duo are a male and female vocal act.   We are already established but currently singing to backing tracks.   We have become very popular in the Bedfordshire area, even supporting acts like Si Cranstoun.   We both have over 10 years experience fronting bands and have toured Europe.

We play a mixture of rockabilly, 50s rock'n'roll, 50s r'n'b and country.   We are trying to put together a band to back us up, not only to give the act more energy but also to give us a better selection of songs.   Real rockabilly backing tracks do not exist.   We do songs by Johnny Burnette, Brenda Lee, Buddy Holly, Wanda Jackson, Elvis, Janis Martin, Warren Smith and more.   We want to do songs by a lot more rockabilly artists.   "e are an established act but we want to work with a band not have the band work for us.   Everyone in the band will have full input.

If you are interested, call 07581 016269 or email   (May 2012)

Roots musician

London-based roots musician available.   I play bass (electric and upright) and guitar (rhythm, lead and baritone).   I'm also able to sing backing vocals.   I'm 27 years old with a good stage image.   I have high end gear (inc a PA), plus over 8 years experience as a full time musician.   Also great with writing/reading music, production, engineering & arrangment.   I have lots of experience in many of the top UK clubs, events and recording studios, and I have played with many of the best musicians on the roots and rockin' scene.   I also have many industry contacts and a huge knowledge and passion for 50s and 60s r'n'r, surf, blues, rockabilly and country.   Give me a call on 07943 899755 or email   (May 2012)

Guitarist available

Guitarist looking for gigs in London and surrounding areas.   Over 30 years experience.   Can play anything from country to rockabilly, rhythm & blues, psychobilly and beyond!   07929 125650   (May 2012)

Double bass lessons

Double bass lessons for beginners/intermediates, rockabilly, r'n'r, swing, r'n'b.   Can teach in Solihull/Birmingham area, my venues or home visit.   Prices from £20 per hour.   Call Neil on 07834 765328, or email   (May 2012)

Rockabilly musicians wanted

Lead singer/acoustic guitar player - along with double bass player - require a rockabilly lead guitarist and drummer based in the Leeds/Bradford area.   For more details please call Glenn 07720 778055 or Damian 07930 186028.   (May 2012)

Rockin' drummer available

26-year-old experienced rockabilly, rockin', surf, trash, blues drummer available for gigs/projects.   Influences from Gene Vincent to The Cramps.   I've done TV work and live, recorded sessions, worked with professional musicians in the past and on the rocking' circuit with Ben Cooper, The Rapids, Dirty Robbers and Tony Diavolo.   Own range of vintage Gretsch drums and modern transport.   Based in SE London but willing to travel.   Call Murdo on 07810 410371 or email   (May 2012)

Birmingham bass

Double bass player looking to join band.   Just starting out have all the gear waiting.   Based in Birmingham.   Call Martin on 07783 081703.   (April 2012)

Drummer available

Drummer available for paid work, playing for bands, artists, rehearsals, recording sessions, gigs etc at good cheap rates.   Also cheap drum lessons for beginners and intermediate available.   I'm a 31 year old drummer with over 15 years playing experience in mostly pop and rock, very friendly and will make it fun learning the drum patterns to your favourite songs as well as rudiments and a large variety of grooves and fills.   I'm available to travel to your place to teach at just £15 per hour in SE London, £20 per hour anywhere else in London, or you can visit me in my home in SE London for just £10 an hour.   Please email for more details.   Adrian.   (April 2012)

We're Sizzlin' Hot

We are currently a three-piece rockabilly/rock'n'roll band based in Bournemouth called Sizzlin' Hot.   We're seeking a drummer with a cocktail or small drumkit.   Looking to expand our current line up of rhythm guitar/lead singer, slap bass and lead guitar.   Backing vocals a plus but not essential.   Contact Johhny on 01202 972536 or email   (April 2012)

Lead guitarist wanted

...To join sax/keys, bass and drums playing swing, jump jive, blues, rock'n'roll Essex-based band rehearsing and waiting to go!   Call John on 07553 501143 or email   (April 2012)

Electric bass

East London/Essex based electric bass player with vocals.   Very competent musician, 35 years' experience.   Quick learner, good ears, reliable and committed.   Send me your stuff and I'll slot right in at the audition.   Swing, jump jive, blues, jazz, rock'n'roll.   Contact Johnny on 07973 918587 or email   (April 2012)

Dog House Drive

Jump jive/swing band Dog House Drive are currently seeking lead vocalist and lead guitarist.   Based in West Wales, we play stuff by Wayne Hancock, Ella Fitzgerald, Old Crow Medicine Show, plus some original numbers.   Good stuff with soul and bounce is what we go for!   We have four clips and a live video up on YouTube under DogHouse Drive.   Please contact Dave on 01970 832556 or   (March 2012)

Surrey drummer

Experienced Surrey based r'n'r drummer.   Has been out of action for a while and looking to get out gigging again with local musicians for mainly local work.   Looking to join a working band or maybe form a new band.   Call Mark on 07969 345568 or email at   (March 2012)

Go krazy with Kev

Kev Wiltshire-based rockabilly singer/guitarist sings Gene Vincent, Eddie, Johnny Burnette, Stray Cats, Polecats, all rockabilly and rock'n'roll.

If you need a front man or want to start a band, or if you're a double bass player looking to join me and stand up drummer, ring Kev on 01793 886697 or 07771 521344

(March 2012)

Manchester guitarist

Col Rockabilly/r'n'r guitarist with vocals into Brian Setzer, Eddie Cochran Buddy etc looking for an established working band. Manchester area, good gear and transport.

Email Col at

(February 2012)

Need bass and guitar

Rockabilly loving double bassist, and a lead guitarist wanted asap for new, original project (some covers but mainly interested in original sounds).   Competent female singer/Gretsch slinger with heaps of charisma - hope to find people with same, ready to move!   Have a great young drummer and currently rehearse/record in London NW10.   We have started recording tracks, have gigs, videos and promotion waiting, just need you!   Wide range of influences from Gene Vincent, Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry through to the Cramps, Kings Of Nuthin to Rezurex.   So as you see, open minded, but if it's rockin', I'm happy!   07971443195   (February 2012)

Slim Tim

I play lead guitar, also lap steel and lead vocals.   Have great gear, also a 2K PA system and transport.   Into rock'n'roll/rockabilly, country rock but can adapt to just about any music.   Available for depping or session work or maybe a permanent position with the right band.   I am Leeds based and willing to travel.   Call Slim Tim on 07725 059949   (February 2012)

Heathrow flyer

I am a drummer who sings and also plays guitar, looking to join a working rockin' band.   Based near Heathrow and willing to travel.   Roy 07968 637071   (February 2012)

Scouse twang

Double bass, rhythm guitar/vocals and sax player are looking for an enthusiastic rockabilly/rock'n'roll guitar player in the Merseyside area.   A love and knowledge of all kinds of rockin' 50s music is what we are looking for.   Is there anyone out there?   Phone Rob on 0151 428 5573.   (February 2012)

The Rockabilly Outlaws

We are a rockabilly band based in the Nottingham/Mansfield area looking for a rockin' lead guitarist to join us.   We have a doghouse bass player and a stand up drummer.   Just need to complete the line-up.   Our influences include Brian Setzer, The Polecats, the Stray Cats, Eddie Cochran, Darrel Higham, Johnny Burnette plus many more.   If interested please email Paul at   (February 2012)

Experienced guitarist

Experienced West coast/jump blues guitarist available for gigs and studio work in the Greater London area.   My influences include Junior Watson, Charlie Baty, Kid Ramos, Hollywood Fats.   Own transport, vintage gear.   Email me at   (February 2012)

Rockabilly double bass player in North Yorkshire

Rockabilly double bass player based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire seeks other musicians to start a new gigging rockabilly band.   Have fronted and played lead guitar in many rockabilly bands but am looking to play double bass in one.   Not looking to gig a few times a week.   Just two or three times a month would be good.   Email Chris at   (January 2012)

Elvis needs a band

I'm an Elvis tribute.   I have made the Elvis European finals every year since 2006.   Was runner up in Europe in 2009, best UK Elvis tribute in 2009, Elvis gospel singer of the year in 2006 and 2010.   I would like to take a show to the theatres.   Look me up on or call 07815 824510   (January 2012)

Yorkshire trio

We are a relatively new band, gigging for around seven months and had a lot of gigs in the West Yorkshire area so far.   We are an authentic r'n'r band and have Alun Lewis on guitar and vocals, who was Vic Windsor in Emmerdale, and Darryl Stubbs in Birds Of A Feather, and also a founder member of the Woolpackers fronting the band.   On bouble bass and vocals is David Roberts ex Phil Haley & The Comments.   On drums and vocals is John Taylor ex Morris and the Minors.   For further details please see our website at   We are seeking bookings for this year and also next year.   (January 2012)

Front man wanted

Dynamic male singer wanted for Coventry based 50s rock'n'roll band covering mainly the classics.   Any age considered as we are all seasoned musicians, but commitment is essential.   We already have PA equipment, we just need your voice.   If you can play rhythm guitar that would be a bonus.   Please call or text on 07882 186010   (January 2012)

Band needs rockin' drummer

I am a vocalist with 15 years experience.   My influences are Elvis Presley, Billy Fury, Johnny Burnette, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent.   I am looking to put together a 50s rock'n'roll/country band.   I have lead/rhythm guitarist and double bass player on board.   Just need a rockin' drummer to complete the line-up.   I am based in Norfolk/Suffolk area.   Please email   (January 2012)

Double bass wanted

Double bass player needed, vocals an advantage, for gigging Manchester rockabilly/r'n'r band.  We need to get things moving in a positive direction.   Some gigs in, but need the right person to advance.   Email   (January 2012)

South coast stand-in

Experienced rockabilly / rock'n'roll singer available to stand in for occasional gigs.   South coast based, but willing to travel for the right gigs.   Own transport and first class PA.   07921 197749   (December 2011)

Canada calling

I have a radio show here on the west coast of Canada.   There are a couple I think your readers would love to listen to, from 1950's rockabilly to modern day as well.   Thank you for taking the time to pass this on.   Here is a link to my previously podcast shows:     Terence Fitzgerald   (November 2011)

Lead singer wanted

Lead singer wanted for new band starting up in Essex featuring seasoned musicians, formerly of established well known acts.   The band would like to cover rock'n'roll, rockabilly and hillbilly material.   No particular age limit, but commitment essential.   Own PA a must!   Contact Steve on 07900 403712 or Ian on 07810 544940.   (November 2011)

Rockabilly guitarist wanted

Are there any kick-a*s rockabilly/neo-rockabilly guitarists out there that fancy getting together with an experienced front man and slap bass player with a view to forming a kick a*s rockabilly band?   (Waiting to hear from a drummer at the time of typing this.)   Would need to rehearse original songs as well as covers.   Gigs would be one every couple of months roughly.   We rehearse in South Cheshire once a week.   If you fancy a get together, a jam (no bread sorry, on a diet....again) and a cup of tea or two, send me an email and we'll sort something out.   Thanks. (October 2011)

Manchester drummer

Drummer in Manchester available for 50s early 60s band - not psychobilly.   Reliable, own transport, vintage kit.   0161 282 0516   (October 2011)

Bass player wanted in Coventry

We are seasoned drummer and female lead vocals/lead guitarist forming a rock'n'roll/rockabilly trio and needing a dedicated bass/double bass player to complete the line-up.   We already have an established repertoire and play mainly for fun, but are currently also gigging locally.   No psychobilly please!   email: Phone/text: 07426 256535   (October 2011)

Jump 66

West London's Jump 66 need an experienced piano/Hammond player with a knowledge of West Coast jump blues (Hollywood Fats/Kim Wilson/T Bone Walker etc) boogie and jive.   Rhod 07812 727132 (October 2011)

Rock with Ray

Ray Raven, Watford-based drummer with backing vocals, looking for a good time rock'n'roll band.   Not into money.   Would gig in Herts Beds and Bucks areas.   Serious about my 1950s songs with sound knowledge of many rockabilly and jive numbers, I have many good gig contacts on the circuit without travelling hundreds of miles! Fntastic kit, mikes, etc, loads of previous gigs, done it all before, own transport and will give 100% to any show.

Doo wop, strollers, jivers - I love 'em all.   Call 01923 445084, leave a message and I will call you back.   Only dedicated 1950s musicians who enjoy the era, the clothes, and want to enjoy playing pubs and jive clubs should call.   (September 2011)

Have a blast

Drummer, mid 40s based between York and Doncaster with own transport, seeks to form band mainly for pleasure but might lead to the odd gig now and then.   I have a good six piece mapex kit and really like to rock it with some good old fashioned r'n'r and rockabilly.   I am of a good basic standard and would like to find players of similar ability to have a blast.   Contact Andy at   (September 2011)

Experienced double bass player

Dave Experienced double bass player looking for depping work in the South West/Midlands area.   Own transport, professional attitude and good stage presence.

Top line double bass and gear.   25 years playing jump jive, rockabilly, r'n'r and a bit of psychobilly.

If you are interested call Dave on 07522 187446 or email me on

(August 2011)

Plectrums please!

Upright or bass guitar (plectrums please!) for neo-rockabilly three-piece based Northants/Cambs.   We have singer/guitarist (ex Meteors) and stand up drummer.   40+ songs ready to go, mainly covers but originals to be added as and when.   Must look the part - rockin'/punk/psycho or thereabouts!   MP3 available.   (September 2011)

Joy of sax

Tenor/baritone sax player available for regular work.   Good gear, can travel and experienced.   01274 675529   (September 2011)

Full time rockers

Double bass and lead guitarist wanted for Yorkshire/Lancashire-based rock'n'roll/rockabilly/neo-swing - in fact all things swinging and rocking - band.   If you can sing and want to front the band, that's cool.   The only thing we want is full time, no deps.   If you're only looking to fill your diary along with your other bands, don't reply.   But if you are wiilling to turn up every gig please get in touch.   We got sax, drums, piano, vocals, bass (he's given his notice).   We are gigging, all seasoned rockers.   Contact Josh 01274 675529 /   (September 2011)

Band comes first

Bass player (upright) wanted for East Anglia-based r'n'r/rockabilly outfit working on the UK and European circuit.   (France, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Germany.)   Some vocals would be ideal.   Gigs booked into 2012.   Major events on r'n'r calendar.   CD available and new one due for 2012.   Repertoire standard to self-penned songs originals.   Must be more than basic technically with good sound and good gear.   Be available, willing to travel, able to leave the wife or husband baby and dogs behind.   Bands and music must come first.   If you fit this description, please call me to discuss further. I am your other half(rhythm section).   Contact me 07970 814401 - Jerry, drummer.   (September 2011)

Uranium alert

The Uranium Rockers are looking for a male/female singer.   Our current singer is off to join the navy and we are seeking a replacement!   You can check us out on Myspace and YouTube.   If you're interested in singing in a Midlands rockabilly band with an early 50s sound email or call Steve on 07704 788937.   (September 2011)

Bass player wanted

Bass player with some vocals wanted to join piano, guitar, drums for a few gigs in the Manchester area.   Email or call 0161 766 1410.   (August 2011)

Pro bass guitarist available

Almost old enough to have played R'n'R the first time around.   35+ years experience in music including r'n'r, country, big band swing, Elvis tribute, Buddy Holly tribute, Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline tributes.   I have played electric upright (non slap style) and if the work and money is there I will buy another.   I live in Oxford and travelling is not a problem.   Full details   (August 2011)

20 years drumming

Drummer looking to join established band.   20 years experience, good kit and can travel anywhere.   Based in Chesterfield.   Also willing to dep if necessary.   Please contact Alan on 07901 003269.   (August 2011)

West Mids bass

Double bass player from Solihull, West Midlands looking for a good tight band to join/dep for fun gigs.   All styles of r'n'r/r'n'b considered.   No psycho!   Please note I have a day job, so this is fun not a living.   That said, I am professional in my dedication, gear, playing and punctuality.   Contact or call 07834 765328.   (July 2011)

At the hop

I am trying to get an alternative record hop going in the Wickford, Essex area.   Aiming to play r'n'r, rockabilly, r'n'b, 40s, 50s, early 60s grind, 50s popcorn in a pub setting as an antidote to X-Factor etc.   Would like to get new generation interested in decent music.   Ideally I would like to find 3-4 dancers who would be happy to jive/stroll/grind to various songs to stimulate audience interest.   Anybody interested please let me know at   (June 2011)

Need guitar and vocals

I'm an experienced drummer with a great deal of recording and touring experience.   I'm credited to several commercial releases and been lucky enough to play throughout Europe, USA and Japan.   I'm looking to form a rockabilly band in the South West (Exeter-ish) area.   Already have a bass player so now we're looking for a guitarist and vocalist.   Starting a small set up of drums, guitar, bass and vocal - maybe some sax and keys later.   Riff, tunes, melody, boogie woogie, rhythm and blues with a little attitude, groove and swing with plenty of feel.   Paul   (June 2011)

Bass strummer Joe

19-year-old double bass player looking for a band/stand-in intending to do gigs and have fun!   Love all 50s r'n'r/rockabilly and use all professional equipment.   Live in Oxfordshire but willing to travel!   Call 07929 262890 or email     (June 2011)

Trios wanted

The Flying Dutchman pub in Stockport is looking for three-piece rockabilly bands to perform on Sunday nights on a budget of £150.   We have a good rockabilly crowd.   Call John on 07767 730451.   (May 2011)

Rockabilly mad

I'm a rockabilly mad singer that wants to get back into it again.   I'm 38 and live in Tamworth, but dont let that put you off!   I have my own van and am willing to travel to practise and gig.   I have been in bands for over 15 years with varying degrees of success!   I can play rhythm guitar but prefer to just sing if I'm honest.   Influences are mainly Cochran, Perkins, Berry, Holly, early Elvis and early Cash, but I like most rockabilly and r'n'r, so give us a ring if you fancy a jam and we'll see what happens.   Danny 07841 145945.   (May 2011)

Tea chest bassist

World class tea chest bassist wants to join/form a skiffle band.   I build and play the best looking and sounding tea chest bass in the world - probably.   I am looking to join or help form a skiffle/jug/rockin' blues band.   I can sing lead and backing vocals and can add percussive beats while playing the bass too.   I also play a bit of rhythm guitar and a miniature 4-hole harmonica and/or kazoo.   Sometimes all at once!   But I'd rather be in a group than a one-madman band.   I'm based in London but can travel for the right gig.   If you're interested please give me a call on 07909 750396 / 0208 960 7349.   Or email me at   (April 2011)

Rockin' drummer

I am one of the UK's top rock'n'roll/rockabilly/Americana drummers.   Kent-based and looking for paid work.   I have a wealth of live and recording experience.   I have toured worldwide playing at festivals, clubs etc, at a high level.   I can play any rockin' style from the 40s/50s/60s to the present day.   I am also accomplished at many other styles.   I am open to many and varied offers of paid work but please no timewasters, flakes, or freebie requests.   I have transport and good gear.   Email   (April 2011)

London drummer

I play rockabilly/Western swing/jive/boogie.   I have done a lot of pro work and am looking to join a new band or start a new one.   Based in South London.   I play standup kit or sitdown brushes/sticks.   07814 641949   (April 2011)

Warwickshire band

Nuneaton (Warwickshire) based guitarist/songwriter/occasional vocalist looking for musicians in the surrounding areas that are willing to travel and are interested in jamming/possibly setting up a blues/rockabilly band.   Email Rob at   (March 2011)

Suffolk drummer

Suffolk-based drummer available.   Several years experience of playing rockabilly, rock'n'roll and jive.   Good kit and transport.   Email   (March 2011)

Fatboy Fury

Ritchie South Wales-based drummer requires other musicians to form a hard hitting rockabilly band, or willing to join an already established band.

I have over 15 years experience playing everything from rock to metal etc, but I love playing rockabilly.   I have recently been playing with Fatboy Fury & The Devastators.   Please call Ritchie on 07810 708013 or email

(March 2011)

Let's rock Staffordshire

Hey!   Is there anyone out there who's aged 25 or under who wants to shake, rattle'n'roll with some good rocking rockabilly?   Based in or around Staffordshire or is willing to travel, who are competant musicians with good stage presence ready to get gigging quickly.   Let's get out and rock this town and earn some dollars while having fun.   Wanted: Double bass, drums, guitar/rhythm guitar, piano and backing vocals.   Email with as much information as possible to   (March 2011)

Guitarist can sing

My name is John.   I am a very experienced guitar player and have backed many touring artists from the USA on the soul, country and blues scenes.   I can also sing.   I'm looking to join a rockabilly band.   Based in South West London.   Please call 07714 571657.   (March 2011)

Pianist available

I am a London-based pianist/keys player with lots of experience, fluent in rock'n'roll, blues and jive styles.   Contact me on 07968 827415 or email me at   (February 2011)

Music lessons

Pat "Sugar" Reyford professional musician, specialist in teaching 50s genres.   Guitar, double bass, sax, steel guitar.   Based in Essex but can travel round the M25 for lessons.   Phone 07950 659369.   (February 2011)

Singer wanted

Rockabilly style guitarist looking for singer to collaborate with and start band.   Into Johnny Burnette and early raw style and more modern stuff.   I am 40 odd and want to do original material mixed with a few covers.   Based in East Staffordshire.   Email   (January 2011)

North Essex-based bass

Experienced double bass player available for gigs/deps.   I'm based in North Essex.   07831 109841   (January 2011)

Experienced drummer

Very experienced r'n'r drummer available for dep or possible full time work.   Based in Midlands with own transport.   Call Phil on 07878 932774.   (January 2011)

Drums A Go-Go

Reliable hot rockin' drummer available.   Plenty of experience playing on the scene and looking to join a full time band, but also willing to take on dep work. Vintage gear and own transport and ready to start.   London based but willing to travel.   Email   (November 2010)

Dep double bass

Dep double bass player looking to help out rockabilly bands in the North East.   I have no transport but have own gear.   If you have a double bass I can make my way to you.   I have had nearly 30 years playing rockabilly, and played with few bands and backed many American artists.   All enquieries to   (September 2010)

Rock with Ray

Ray Hamilton, lead singer from The Rockits' and the Rock'n'Roll Allstars, would like to find a top class backing band.   Also plays rhythm guitar.   Cochran, Vincent, Elvis, Holly, Burnette, Taylor, Rich, Kidd etc.   Would form and rehearse with the right musicians, male or female.   Pro and semi pro.   Would prefer pro.   First generation rocker.   Been there, can do it.   Phone 01753 670086 or rmail   (September 2010)

President Bush

Jim Bush Lookin' to get across the pond and outta dodge.   Check out or   That's me: guitarist, singer, frontman, back and sideways man.

My aim is to join/form trio to larger outfit.   Schooled in all matters of rockabilly, country and Americana.

001 419 631 3985.   It'll be worth the overseas call.   (September 2010)

Bass and fiddle

Bristol based semi-pro double bass player and fiddle player looking to join an established band.   Anything considered but must be professional and work as a unit.   Willing to play a wide range of songs and styles - rockabilly, r'n'r, jazz, roots, country etc.   Anybody with the same thinking can contact either Dave Greaves or Jane Ballantyne on 0117 964 0799.   (September 2010)

Rockin' Gold Stars

Mitch Mitchell Some of the older visitors to your site may remember me.   I was the original bass player and founder of The Wild Angels.   This is just to let you know about my latest venture - a new band called The Rockin' Gold Stars.   This was actually the original name of the Angels, before we decided to rename the band.

For bookings, I can be contacted on 07712 276484 or   We are a three-piece in the style of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates/Mike Berry & The Outlaws/Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages.   Basically, we play the sort of rock and roll that was played in coffee bars etc. before The Beatles came along.   - Mitch Mitchell   (May 2010)

Britton's back in Britain

Professional rock'n'roll drummer Geoff Britton, played many years with Wild Angels, backed Bill Haley, stints with several other rock'n'roll bands, is now back from some years abroad.   Seeking either a regular band or some dep gigs.   Have own transport and several splendid vintage kits to choose from.   Willing to travel for the right band.   07757 860054   (May 2010)

Staffordshire's Chuck Berry

Dominic Cooper My name is Dominic Cooper and I'm a Chuck Berry-style front man guitarist/singer looking for a busy rock'n'roll band.

I am 29 years old, and live in Leek, Staffordshire.   I'm willing to travel and have been studying Chuck's style of playing for as long as I can remember.

Contact me on or 07780 008510.   (April 2010)

Piano player available

Essex based but willing to travel.   Plays boogie-woogie style or rock'n'roll.   Good ears and able to follow guitar chords.   Can 'dep' if required at short notice but ideally seeks busy working band.   Phone 01702 549295 or e-mail (April 2010)

Elvis tribute seeks musicians

I am a 50s to 70s style Elvis singer based in North Nottinghamshire.   Looking to practise and then gig, or maybe join another band doing the same sort of thing.   Please email or tel 07788 790976   (March 2010)

Have double bass, will travel

My name is Andy from Leicestershire.   I play double bass, not an expert but capable and always looking to improve.   Don't mind where I have to travel to.   Done a couple of gigs and now want to move on and find stable band to perform with.   Call 07871 927405   (March 2010)

Double bass pro

Manchester-based professional double bass player with pro gear available for dep work.   I play in a rockabilly/hillbilly band but could do with more gigs!   I've played in many rockabilly, jive, blues, western swing and neo-rockabilly bands including the Swing Commanders, Wildkats NW, Colin Paul & The Persuaders.   Also performed with Tommy Allsup and Kevin Montgomery.   I teach slap double bass too plus blues, jive, western swing, rockabilly, etc.   Double slap, triplets, all styles!   Contact Ray 07719 706684 /   (February 2010)

Young outlook

Manchester-based lead guitarist available to join or dep with working rock'n'roll/rockabilly band or similar.   I also play double bass and have all my own gear.   I'm in my 40s with a young outlook.   Call 0161 755 3333 / 07999 499490 or email   (March 2010)

Learn rockabilly double bass

Emma Goss is offering individual lessons and group classes.

There's a two-hour taster session for anyone who has always wanted to have a go at playing the double bass.   You will learn a bass line to play with a well-known rock and roll/rockabilly song, some basic chord patterns, basic chord progressions and how to play slap style.   There are five places available.   Participants do not need a double bass, as it will be provided.   There'll also be handouts to take away.

For improvers, there's a two hour masterclass designed to focus on specific elements of bass playing requested in advance by those attending.   For example, it could look at slap technique or how to build different bass lines.

For more information contact Emma on 07973 656205, or visit   (January 2010)

Hairdo help

"Can anyone recomend a good hair stylist in London who has any idea about retro hairstyles?   Thanks for any help.   Kath."

Ian Hingle says: "Try Hair Cut at 271 Camden High Street, London NW1.   They've been there over 40 years, and one of the barbers sings in a rock'n'roll/blues band, Hullabaloo.   Recommendation enough!   They're open from 8.30am-4.30pm every day except Thursday and Sunday."

Sally Wright says: "There's a book entitled Authentic 1940s Hairstyles: Tips and Tricks For Creating Authentic 1940s Hairstyles by Daniela Turudich, published by Streamline Press (1999) ISBN: 1-9300064-00-4.   I purchased this book over the internet (can't remember where though).   It was priced at $20 and it was worth every penny. have it listed as out of print but you could try emailing the author:

"Divided into five chapters, the book explains through pictures and text how to cut and style hair, select the right hairstyle for your face and tells you what 'tools' you need to create the hairstyles.   I took this book to a 'modern' hairdresser and she was able to reproduce a style.   I have also tried some of the styles out on my friend - with good results.

"Daniela Turudich has another hairstyle book: 1950s Hair: Hairstyles from the Atomic Age of Cool.   It's published by Streamline Press (2004) ISBN: 1930064063.   It is available from priced at $11.17."

Steve Hooker says: "If you can make it to Southend in Essex check out SLICK 50 at 89 Princes Street.   We do flat tops and all rockin' style. Phone 01702 390916 or see"

Relive the war

We are a world war two reenactment unit from Coventry and the West Midlands.   We have dodges, half track jeeps and a full working US camp.   If anyone is interested in joining a well established unit please contact us on 07751 492 381 or 01788 536 432  Ask for Tony.

Seeking a partner?   Want to hook up with other musicians?   Something to sell, buy or swap?   Or sound off on the burning issues of the day.  

Planet Jive is at   and